Tips of the Month

The following list indicates the things you SHOULD DO and CAN DO (if needed) by month


  • Repair Brick And Concrete

  • Patch And Seal Driveway

  • Lubricate Locks, Hinges And Closures On Auto And Around The House

  • Prepare And Paint Any Exterior Wood Or Metal

  • Replace Clothesline Rope And Lubricate Pulleys

  • Install Air Conditioners Or Remove Covers

  • Vacuum Under Refrigerator

  • Inspect And Replace (if necessary) Garage Door Springs, Main Cables And Safety Cables

  • Tighten All Garage Door Nuts, Bolts And Fasteners

  • Fertilize Trees, Shrubs And Plants As Growth Appears

  • Divide Crowded Perennials After Flowering

Can Do May (if needed)

  • Interior Painting

  • Wallpaper Projects
  • Regrout Tub And Tile Areas